Health practitioners

Sunshine Coast Clinical Trials is a hub of excellence with clinical research capabilities across a range of therapeutic areas, increasing the potential to procure clinical trial investment in the region. New research and vocational opportunities will be brought to the area by increasing the therapeutic options available to clinicians and patients.

Success is measured not only by recruitment into clinical trials but also by building a team of suitably educated researchers, clinicians and administrators to ensure trials are run smoothly and efficiently.

Work with us

The Sunshine Coast is a region of fresh opportunity for clinical trials. An expert and committed team form the backbone of a successful clinical trials organisation. Sunshine Coast Clinical Trials provides a high-performance environment with support for training and development.

We look forward to receiving your expression of interest in working with us.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss trials with clinical or medically qualified individuals specialising in therapeutic areas


The Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI) offers a significant platform for medical and healthcare training and development.

We welcome your enquiries in relation to your career development through our education opportunities in the region.

Last updated August 28, 2018