About us

Sunshine Coast Clinical Trials provides a single point of entry for the Sunshine Coast clinical trial activities and is able to refer opportunities promptly to appropriate clinical groups for feasibility.


SCCT provides you, our clients with high quality effective and efficient clinical trials start up via our streamlined communications portal. Our combined expertise can assess any clinical trial request and provide realistic recruitment targets and feasibility information resulting in maximum opportunities for our stakeholders.

SCCT has the goal of providing the best possible patient outcomes by working collaboratively to find solutions. This is possible though a reciprocal sharing of knowledge and resources and by utilising medical expertise from across both the public and private health sectors. Incoming opportunities are jointly reviewed and tailored solutions are provided, based on the unique requirements of your organisation.

Structured ethics approval pathways and governance processes will provide your organisation with the assurance that your trial will be conducted effectively and efficiently.


The establishment of Sunshine Coast Clinical Trials brings many benefits including:

  • Improved health care for the local community
  • Provision of clinical trials education to the local community
  • Opportunities for participation
  • Availability of an innovative research environment attracting world class clinical researchers

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor solutions for your clinical trial recruitment and research development pathways.

Last updated August 28, 2018